Monday, May 21, 2018

My Dear

You are tired, worn down, burnt out, my dear
You've been sad for quite a while

You've held too much, too long, my dear
It's really not your style

You can let go the blocks you hold , my dear
Let return your smile

For every foot you step, my dear
The Universe steps a mile

~May 19, 2018

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Case closed

I am ending that chapter
I am closing that door
Cuz I don't need to read
That story anymore 

The horses have bolted
That plane, it has flown
It is time to breathe now
And begin on my own. 

August 26, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Thank You Grandmother

Thank you Grandmother
For beaming your love
From where you hang full
In the night sky above  

Untether your steeds
Who draw back the tide
Revealing the truths
That no longer can hide

Then bidding the Good, 
True, and Beautiful stay, 
Wash all that no longer
Serves me away

Leaving me basking 
In your silver light
Refreshed, and renewed,
And reborn on this night. 

~August 19, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016


I am dropping my resistance
I am taking down my walls
I am deconstructing all my dams
Releasing waterfalls
Whose full, total surrender
Is deafening in its flow
Of power that comes only from
Completely letting go.

Aug 11, 2017

Saturday, April 11, 2015

So I Can Give You Me

I can't believe how much it hurts
My heart split open wide
I miss you so my darling
I am sick and raw inside. 
It's only a few hours more
Until I'm back with you,
But I can't sleep or concentrate 
And don't know what to do.
Am I truly worthy 
Of the love you give to me?
Please don't listen to that voice -
My inadequacy.
That voice that says, "You see?
How could she love someone like you?
You've done it now, I told you so,
This time you're truly screwed."
So this is my great sacrifice
At the altar of our love -
I burn away these feelings 
And these thoughts I'm speaking of,
Relinquishing the fallacies
I'd taken as my truth,
And the sense of worthlessness
I'd been taught in my youth. 
I give up ways of thinking
And of dowsing my own flame
So I can stand before you
Never doubtful, without shame,
Embracing full my power 
Everything I truly be,
So I can give my greatest gift -
So I can give you me. 

11, April, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blessed Aphrodite

Blessed Aphrodite will you help me understand
With the vast amount of hearts that beat at your command
Why must mine be tied to one that I may never have?
Is there not a healing spell or a heart-ache salve?
My request is not unique, you've heard this one before--
A heart broken wide open praying to be whole once more.
But my case is different, there is no unrequited love,
I've never known another whose heart fit mine like a glove
My heart is truly hers and here's the thing M'lady dear
I feel her heart is surely mine, she is my Guinevere.
So then the question still remains -- Whose heart took cupid's shot?
Does this make me Arthur or am I Sir Lancelot?
For to another she is bound and honor shan't allow
My crossing over any line to compromise her vow
So, though fanning the spark of hope may simply seem unwise
Her words may speak of love for him, yet touches not her eyes
By contrast when she greets me I watch her whole face beam
And when we speak of future plans, her tear drops tend to stream
I know I have no say in the affairs twixt her and mate
I also know that I must do more than just sit and wait.
Please tell me dear Goddess what it is that I must do
For the sake of Honor, Love, the Beautiful, the True?

Dear one, do not close your heart to larger frames of Love
For you can not imagine the wonders I am cap'ble of
On scales and from perspectives that would make your sweet heart spin
But always then brought home at last to rest in you again.
Challenges may well arise to make the heart grow strong
But does this conflict you describe not hint thy path is wrong?
The love you seek is free flowing, 'gainst which obstacles fall,
But this is not an obstacle, dear heart you've hit a wall. 
And isn't that tremendous news? You know where not to go. 
It really is that easy,  just surrender to the flow
For if there's too much effort, here's the lesson you must learn:
Love must be received, it is nothing you can earn.
So relax and trust, my love, thy boat within the stream
For soon this love will carry you to everything you dream. 

Started 2012ish
Finished 22 Jan, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holding Up The Sky

I hold your heart with open hands
In case it needs to fly
And if it needs to spread its wings
I'll be holding up the sky

And if my wishes resonate
With those of the Divine
When comes the time, your heart to roost
Return it will to mine

~January 13, 2015